Wednesday, September 17, 2008

August 2008 Camp

August camp started with extremely bad weather and it took our Toledo team 2 days to reach the camp because of the floods and washed away bridge on the way to Sibun, but nothing could stop them! We were very proud of all other participants and by the end of the camp, we all agreed that in order to be a good chess player, it is not enough just to be good at chess, you must show all these other qualities and skills:

In the end of the camp, Colleen Tate from Stann Creek team , won the award of the Ultimate Chess Player, and received chess board that Irianie Pech brought from Cuba specailly for that title.These were all the particiapnts: all 20 of us from Cayo, Corozal, Belize, Stann Creek and toledo!
The camp was big success due to the efforts of all the coaches who assisted in it: Wayne Huang, Young Jin Gomez, HUmberto Juarez, Frank Tu, Ian Avilez, Virgilio Ruiz, David Martinez, Jose Teul, Micah Williams, Irianie Peach and David MacEnulty ( our special guest coach from US).

In addition, Caves Branch Guides: Esperanza Gaitan, Elmer Medrano and Edgar Martinez provided not only safe and secure environment, but they were also active participants in all our activties: from running mini tournaments to swimming, playing chess and teaching how to repell.
Coach from Corozal helps with teaching how to swim:
US coach David Macenulty provides special instruction for the coaches.....and instructing our players:
David Martinez, our strongest coach:
Virgilio Ruiz, Corozal coach:

We had a very challenging Chess Camp, and we HAD FUN! Special Thanks to all other Caves Branch guides and staff who assisted in the camp, and King Arnold!

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