Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chess Adventure Camp for coaches!

Coaches week: July 22-24th, 2008 had 17 participants (teachers, principals, Peace Corps and community volunteers), who worked on improving their chess skills, brainstormed ideas for the upcoming school year clubs, learned to run mini tournaments and participated in a real chess adventure! See for yourself:
Participants were from Corozal, Cayo, Stann Creek, Belize and Toledo : David Coombs, Micah Williams, Aaron Garbutt, Lorena Cruz, Edgar Martinez, Anelie May, Ricardo Bailey, Jose Teul, Glorycela Torrez, Frank Tu, Myron Median, Wayne Huang, Humberto Juarez, Rob Magee, Gilberto Gabriel Perez, Ian Avilez, Domingo Salam. If you have any questions about chess, now you know who to ask!
We bet you haven't heard of playing chess in the caves!
Chess players have to be brave- part of our training is in the extreme situations: jumping off the cliff...

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